Foster Care

Treatment foster care services are provided in Northern Virginia to youth who are placed out of their home and need intensive support to be maintained in a community placement. Youth (ages 0-21) are placed with trained and professionally supported families. YFT is committed to ensuring that youth maintain and create positive and permanent connections with their biological families and others in their communities. The foster home is the core of a treatment program designed to help children grow and develop in a safe, structured environment. Treatment foster care parents help children learn to deal with emotional problems, learn to trust others, and learn to set and achieve goals for the future. 

Become a Foster Parent

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Treatment foster care parents are role models who provide the day to day care, communication and supervision that children need. Foster parents report that having foster children “completes their family,” gives them “additional people to care about,” and “teaches their natural children the importance of sharing and giving to others.” They also say that foster parenting is challenging work and requires “more patience and effort than they thought possible.” YFT provides a high level of support and supervision.  Treatment foster care parents are reimbursed from the state for the caretaking of children placed in their home.

Treatment foster care parents at YFT do extraordinary things for the children in their care. We are currently recruiting families who are interested in the challenge of providing a home and care for special adolescents. We provide pre-service and ongoing training, 24 hour support, and a generous stipend to our treatment foster parents. Our staff and treatment foster care parents work together to meet the needs of the foster children.

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