Fund for the Unfunded Children

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Telephone Contact Love Jones or 703-396-8415

Since our founding, we have served many children in daily crisis every year who are:

  • Homeless
  • Without parents
  • Without funding
  • Without hope – except for funds provided by our faithful private sector donors

Fund the Unfunded ChildrenWith the diversity of our special programs , Mommy & Me ([pregnant teens and teen mothers), Bowles Family Foundation, Girls On A Journey (sexually exploited and/or trafficked girls)  -- or just the typical boy or girl who lives next door experiencing crisis within their family, our numbers of these children have grown every year for the past three years. This year alone, YFT has served 18 of these unfunded children in residential and 35 in our behavioral health programs – a 30% increase in one year!

Youth For Tomorrow must find additional resources for funding these troubled children whose traumatic lives, coupled with a lack of resources and quality services, put them at great risk of life-long failure.

We are reaching out to our faithful donors to help YFT establish an unrestricted “Fund for the Unfunded Children to enable us, in the interim, to continue the residential and behavioral health services these children require.  All of these children are American citizens, but without access to the American dream in their future.

Therefore, we are launching a special appeal, beginning today, seeking to raise $285,000.  This appeal will culminate with the Bid Appeal at the Burgundy & Gold Banquet on May 13th.  Such funding will cover the needs of unfunded children requesting our services by their grandparents, parents or law enforcement agencies (i.e. children without social services funding from the state, local or federal governments).

Despite this unprecedented increase in unfunded children, we have remained faithful to our 29-year heritage --- providing help to those who have no funding regardless of their personal circumstances.

As a result of our national accreditation, we are able to modify our economic model for increased public funding for some of these children (i.e. Medicaid funding) this coming fall.  In the meantime, however, YFT is requesting your timely support for this special appeal for these children to meet their needs between now and the end of the calendar year. We recognize that we will not be able to serve every unfunded child that is referred to us, and feel we have reached our plateau of 18 residential and 35 BHS unfunded children per year.

Again – this is a special appeal to “Fund the Unfunded Children” -- all domestic children and primarily from Northern Virginia.

For those of you not planning to attend the Burgundy & Gold Banquet on May 13th, we ask you to respond now to this timely appeal by contacting Love Jones at or 703-396-8415.

Anatomy of an emergency placement

Law enforcement agences like the FBI, Homeland Security and the Fairfax County Police contact YFT when they are conducting a sting operation or a raid and have reason to believe they will rescue a minor girl who is being sex trafficked. YFT stands by to receive the child on a moments notice. Other times, there is no notice at all. A girl may be rescued and taken in to protective custody with no warning. These girls come to us with no funds, no ability to pay for the care they need and their circumstances are critical. 

In the past 4 months, we have taken in 4 girls from law enforcement, two of them just 14 years old.

Of the last 12 girls that came to our Girls On A Journey program at YFT, 10 had no funding. Our program is unique in the mid-Atlantic region.

Click here to learn more about the Girls On A Journey program.