The YFT Campus is designed in a natural, open setting to create a unique balance of structure and freedom. This balance enables children and their families to identify, understand and cope with their individual needs and develop the skills necessary to succeed in a stable, supportive home and family when the residential phase of their treatment is complete.

YFT’s Individual Service Plan (ISP) is an essential, tool for our counselors, educators and house parents. The ISP is reviewed weekly, monthly and quarterly to develop the most appropriate path with each YFT participant to follow, establish weekly priorities and goals and review the participant’s progress in each pillar and supporting factor.

Treatment components include: Group, individual and family therapy with master’s-level counselors. Case Management and counseling ratios are 1:12.  Special treatment tracks are provided for parenting mother; youth stepping down from mental health facilities or substance abuse facilities; victims of sex trafficking; youth with problem sexual behaviors; and youth with specific learning disabilities and emotional disturbance.   

At YFT, we believe that all children should be raised by their families whenever possible. We know that sometimes stays in residential care cannot be avoided, but we strive to make these stays as short as possible. Whenever family reunification is an option, we begin family counseling as soon as possible and the campus provides a family-friendly atmosphere with family therapy and visitation rooms as well as outdoor areas for visits and picnics. 

If you are considering referring a child to YFT, please learn about admission guidelines, location and funding considerations and complete a brief referral questionnaire.