Transitional Foster Care

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Youth For Tomorrow has an urgent need for short term foster parents for unaccompanied immigrant children who are awaiting reunification with family or sponsors in the U.S. If you have ever considered fostering, this opportunity may be for you. 

In 2012, Youth For Tomorrow received a bipartisan request to help children who were coming across our borders without accompaniment. As a humanitarian and faith-based institution, we responded to the plight of these children, some of whom are impoverished, fleeing gang violence in their home country, or may be at high risk of abuse and neglect as well as labor or sex trafficking.

These children are temporary residents at YFT’s main campus as they await reunification. We provide a warm, welcoming and safe home environment. We feed, clothe and educate these children in our private nationally accredited residential program.  They attend our on-campus school, and are provided counseling and nursing care.  YFT case managers prepare them for reunification, ensuring a safe release, with family members in the United States or with other fully vetted sponsors.

YFT has received funding from the federal government to place some of these children in short term, transitional foster homes. For younger children (under 13 years of age), sibling groups and parenting and pregnant teens caring foster parents in transitional foster homes may be best environment for them while Youth For Tomorrow works to reunite them with their families.

 Key Points

  • Children range from 0-17 years old, also include, siblings, pregnant and parenting teens
  • Children remain in the foster home for a short period of time
  • Transitional foster parents do not have to be bilingual. Children are quick to learn English and easily become fully immersed in the American Culture.
  • Education, Transportation and Health Care is provided by YFT for all children
  • Transportation to and from school is available at designated location
  • Free training is provided
  • Monthly stipend varies depending on the child's status and is tax free income. 
  • Click here to download the FAQs

For more information:

Please call the Foster Care Team at (703) 425-9200 or email us

We can also be reached via Facebook Message any time.