Psychological Testing

Youth For Tomorrow offers psychological testing services to children ages 7 and up, and to adults. Psychological testing provides in-depth information about an individual’s strengths, abilities, and areas where they will benefit from support. Testing can identify a wide range of issues that may lead to problems with school, work, behavior and emotions. When individuals are having difficulty in any of these areas, and the problems are very complicated or the cause is hard to figure out, testing is helpful in understanding the nature of the problem and making a plan for moving forward. 

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Types of Psychological Evaluations Offered:

  • ADHD: Determines the presence and severity of ADHD symptoms and screens for other psychiatric difficulties that may adversely impact attention, concentration, and behavioral control 
  • Cognitive: Identifies level of cognitive ability (IQ) and any associated functional impairment, determines whether criteria is met for an Intellectual Disability diagnosis 
  • Psychoeducational: Includes measures of cognitive ability (IQ) and academic achievement, as well as screening for other psychiatric difficulties that may negatively impact academic functioning. Can assist in diagnosing a specific learning disability. 
  • Autism: Determines whether a patient’s symptoms meet DSM-V diagnostic criteria for an Autism Spectrum Disorder and screens for the presence of other psychiatric difficulties 
  • Social/Emotional/Personality: Identifies current psychiatric symptoms and provides differential diagnosis across a wide range of potential psychiatric difficulties. Can provide diagnostic clarification regarding issues such as anxiety, OCD, oppositional defiant disorder, conduct disorder, depression, bipolar disorder, PTSD, schizophrenia, and borderline personality disorder. 
  • Problematic Sexual Behavior: For children and adolescents only. Provided by a Certified Sex Offender Treatment Provider (CSOTP). Reviews past and current sexual behavior problems, conceptualizes these problems within environmental and psychiatric context, provides assessment of future risk, and presents recommendations for treatment and management. Also identifies current psychiatric symptoms and provides differential diagnosis across a wide range of potential psychiatric difficulties. 
  • Comprehensive: A general assessment that may include components from any of the evaluations listed above. 
  • Entrance/Eligibility: For admission to private schools or to determine eligibility for specific programs have a requirement for psychological testing as part of the application process. 

The testing and evaluation process:

  • Testing intake appointment This one- to two-hour appointment with the psychologist will focus on gathering information about presenting concerns and psychosocial history. For children and adolescents, this session will include meeting with the parents only (the psychologist will gather information directly from your child during testing sessions). You may also be asked to complete questionnaire measures during this appointment. This will typically take about twenty additional minutes. 
  • Consultation with teachers and other professionals (if needed). As part of the evaluation, we may contact other professionals working with the individual, such as teachers, counselors, or physicians. Please bring contact information, including e-mail, for these individuals to the intake appointment. For children, we will likely request that a classroom teacher complete a questionnaire regarding the child’s behavior and symptoms. This questionnaire can generally be completed via e-mail.
  • Review of records Please bring a copy of any previous psychological evaluations and Individual Educational Plans (IEPs) to the initial intake appointment. Failure to provide these records at the time of intake may delay scheduling of testing appointments. Please also bring copies of any records you feel would be helpful in providing background information about presenting concerns. For example, if testing is being requested by a physician, please bring a copy of your medical records to the intake appointment. If testing involves difficulties at school, please bring a copy of your child’s academic records and any school disciplinary logs.
  • Testing appointments one or more testing appointments will be scheduled. Testing appointments are typically scheduled on Tuesday, Thursday, or Friday mornings. The typical appointment length is 4 – 7 hours, with breaks incorporated as needed. All testing is conducted by the psychologist.
  • Testing feedback appointment After the testing appointments and all parent/teacher questionnaires have been completed, a feedback appointment will be scheduled. Feedback appointments typically occur about two to three weeks after the completion of testing. The psychologist will review the written report, explain the test results and diagnostic findings, and provide recommendations regarding areas of difficulty identified by the evaluation.
  • Written report A copy written report will be provided at the feedback appointment as long as there are no outstanding fees related to the evaluation. The report will include a review of relevant background information, detailed discussion of testing results, and DSM-V/ICD-10 diagnostic impression. The report will include recommendations to address identified concerns. If appropriate, we will provide referrals to professionals or services (including therapy and medication) that are recommended.

Please call 703-659-9900 to schedule an appointment. 

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Dr. Cassandra McDonnell, Ph.D., Licensed Clinical Psychologist

Cassie McDonnellI am a licensed clinical psychologist, and provide counseling and psychological assessment services to school-aged children, adolescents, and adults. I am originally from the Northern Virginia area, and received my Bachelor of Science in psychology from The College of William and Mary. I then went on to obtain Master and Doctoral degrees at University of Missouri St. Louis with specializations in Behavioral Medicine and Child Psychology. I completed my post-doctoral training at University of Virginia, and have been practicing within Loudoun County ever since. I have provided psychological services in residential, inpatient, community clinics, schools, and integrated primary care settings. I first learned about Youth for Tomorrow through my work with local teenagers and their families, and was excited to join the organization in July 2018, adding outpatient psychological assessment to their wide range of behavioral services.

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