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YFT offers two mentoring programs. We have opportunities for volunteer mentors to work with youth in our programs and we offer therapeutic mentoring services to outpatient youth.



ONE-ON-ONE mentors have the unique role of working with youth to provide a solid support system and be a reliable trusted adult in the young person’s life. Many of our youth have not had a solid foundation or positive role model in their lives. Our goal is to develop long lasting relationships between the mentors and the mentees.

Individual goals are created to empower youth, and to master life skills that enhance his/her future success in the work force. 

All mentors are required to participate in a rigorous Federal, State, & Local CPS/DSS background check, and 21 hours of training. All mentors are required to spend 2 hours a week with their mentee. 


YFT CARES is the opportunity for Mentors & Mentees to gather for weekend outings. The goal is to allow the youth to bond with positive role models in a fun and relaxed environment. We want our residents to learn about the world around them, while gaining practical experience as they meet new people, and visit new locations. This opportunity will also allow our youth to put their new social and life skills to the test in a safe and stimulating environment. Some suggested field trips are:

  • Museums
  • Petting Farm
  • Paint Sessions
  • Community Outreach
  • College Tours
  • Yo-Yo competitions
  • Double-Dutch Competitions
  • Culinary Arts classes
  • Volunteer Opportunities
  • Horseback Riding
  • Educational Outings and more



It takes a Village

MOVING ON offers the church community and any other faith-based organizations, the opportunity to form a small coalition that would function as a strong support system for our young adults, The team would be comprised of members with expertise in the following areas:

  • Finance
  • Education
  • Housing
  • Transportation
  • Behavioral/Emotional
  • Safety
  • Spiritual
  • Human Resources
  • Mechanics

Youth For tomorrow offers each youth a comprehensive team, which is comprised of Case Managers, Therapists, Counselors, and a spiritual leader. Each member of this unique team offers the youth the support that he/she needs to be successful in our program. Unfortunately, this type of support system does not continue once the youth completes our program and enters the community. Consequently, the resident often struggles to gain self-sufficiency. It is our goal to offer to each student who ages out of our program, a strong team of supporters that will remain in the life of the young adult for a minimum of one year.


Does your son or daughter need:

  • Structure in life’s daily or routine activities?
  • To learn how to focus on short-term goals to succeed in school?
  • Guidance to address intrusive or imposing   distractions in the home or school  which have become disabling to an acceptable life-style?
  • To  modify  personal behavior patterns which have become so oppositional  they are creating unbearable family discord?

Perhaps your son or daughter is enduring the consequences from:

  • Bullying
  • Anxiety
  • Victimization
  • Discrimination
  • Abuse and Neglect
  • Addiction
  • Family Conflict
  • Academic challenges
  • Mental health difficulties
  • Socialization challenges

Your child, regardless of school age, can benefit from Youth For Tomorrow’s Therapeutic Mentoring Services. The purpose of these services is to empower children toward developing the personal life skills that will enable them to make positive life choices and be successful and productive in your home, their school or our community.

YFT trained mentors are required to meet with their mentee (your child) on a weekly basis for a minimum of 2 hours. After building rapport with the mentor, each mentee will collaborate with the YFT Mentor Coordinator to create an Individualized Service Plan which will establish your child’s short-term goals.  

Mentors will provide your child with social skills activities which will include how to develop positive peer relations, utilize anger management techniques, accept and display personal responsibility and other activities designed to address the particular behavioral patterns of the child requested by the parent.

Depending on desired goals to meet the identified behavioral issues, activities will take place in the community. The ISP provides structure for the mentor to understand the desired goals while working on small skill sets to achieve these goals. 

Targeted Services include:  

  • Middle School Program is structured for middle school students that focuses on individualized goals to include daily living and communication skills, as well as socialization through monthly group activities. Youth participate in a graduation celebration upon completion of the program.   
  • High School Program focuses on students who experience extreme difficulty, both academically and behaviorally, in high school. Individual goals are created to empower young people to graduate and master life skills that enhance their future success in the work force.
  • Pregnant & Teen Mom Program works with teenage mothers to develop independent living skills, parenting strategies, infant and child development, as well as coping with the stressors of being a young parent while encouraging these mothers to graduate in order to be successful in the work force and provide for their families.
  • Empowerment Program works with young victims of human trafficking or other crimes to find their voice, their place, their inner-being, and regain their innocence through one on one activities that help identify positive behaviors. This includes individualized goals, such as coping skills, peer relations, daily living, appropriate boundaries, including but not limited to activities in the community.  

How do I get started?

To schedule an appointment or to find out more information as to how services can be accessed please contact YFT's Mentor/Volunteer Coordinator at (703) 396-7203 or send an email to

Why should I choose Youth For Tomorrow?

  • All mentors receive and must clear Federal, State and Local CPS/DSS background checks
  • Every Mentor has at least 20 hours of training before meeting their mentee & monthly trainings during the relationship
  • All therapeutic mentors have a college degree and/or at least 15yrs experience working with at-risk youth.
  • Educational activities which encourage healthy family interactions and independence
  • Specialized mentoring activities directed towards specific age and developmental functioning
  • FAPT/CSA funding available for services

Who Pays?

  • Private-Pay or Fee for Services
  • Comprehensive Services Act (CSA)
  • Juvenile Courts ( VJCCCA, Family Reunification)
  • Adoption Subsidies