M&T Bank Hosts Shopping Trip

M&T Bank Hosts Shopping Trip for the Girls at Youth For Tomorrow

M&T Bank female executives hosted the girls of Youth For Tomorrow (YFT) on a shopping trip to the Women Giving Back (WGB) store in February.

Cecilia Hodges, Group Vice President of M&T Bank, is a WGB committee member and arranged the visit for the YFT girls. M&T Bank volunteers stuffed gift bags for the girls and assisted them with their shopping.

Ms. Hodges said “It was a real treat for us to host the young ladies from the Youth For Tomorrow Home for our second time now. All of the young ladies were so courteous and appreciative.  It touched all of our M&T Bank volunteers that have shopped with the girls in a special way.  We all feel like we got back so much more from the girls than we gave to them.”

Audrey White has been working with YFT kids for 9 years, currently working with the residents of the Chelsea House. She had the privilege of accompanying the female residents to the place they call, "The Clothes Closet." At first the girls were anxious, not knowing what to expect. When they arrived they were in awe of all of the fabulous items available for them to choose from including designer purses, jewelry, outfits and baby clothes. Each resident chose 25 items, and those with children were permitted to choose 25 items for their children as well. The girls were polite, respectful and appreciative at this incredible opportunity.

At the conclusion of their shopping excursion the M & T Bank volunteers provided the girls and even the staff with gift bags containing  water bottles, snacks, make up and jewelry. Upon returning to YFT, they happily discussed their enjoyable shopping trip while admiring all their new items. They logged in the new items to their clothing inventory and excited to try on their new clothes for their friends and the YFT staff.

Audrey was especially thrilled with this trip to the Clothes Closet because it was her first time going and she loved seeing the girls pick out all of their new clothes. Her favorite part of working at YFT is working with the kids and talking to the girls about how much they have progressed.

Women Giving Back is a 100% volunteer organization that provides free professional clothing and accessories to women and children in Northern Virginia.  Many women in the shelters are employed or attending school, and need professional clothing and accessories to improve their lives and the lives of their families. Clothing is provided free of charge to women with shopping vouchers provided by their case workers. Since 2007 WGB has donated more than 298,000 items of clothing to more than 21,258 women and children.