Message from Joe Gibbs

October 3, 2015

Dear Friends,

As we go through life there are unexpected challenges which confront us and we are called upon to meet the challenge in order to be successful.

Joe Gibbs in the rainI have been confronted with such circumstance with the Washington Redskins, with our racing teams in NASCAR, Pat and I have with our family, and now Hurricane Joaquin has created a big challenge for Youth For Tomorrow. We had to cancel our 30th Annual Country Fair/Auctions originally scheduled for Saturday, Oct. 3rd due to the high winds and drenching rains last week-end.

The challenge—by cancelling the event and the Live and Silent Auctions, we have lost nearly $300,000 in revenue to support the 114 children we have on campus. To address the challenge from Hurricane Joaquin, we have re-scheduled these auctions for Saturday, October 17th on the YFT campus. We need your hearts and your help.

I am asking you to come and join me and others on the 17th of October as I invite our donors to help us meet this problem – a problem which is not one of our own making.

We have created a late afternoon venue of impressive auction items – 25 Live Auction and 200 in the Silent Auction, food provided and prepared by the Clyde’s Restaurant Group, Chuy's Tex-Mex, Carolina Barbeque, a band providing popular country music and other entertainment to make your participation enjoyable as you help us serve the Lord and the children He directs our way.

I look at this like we lost a key game but we are still in the playoffs, and so let’s come together, step-up to the challenge and get the job done.

I am enclosing a list of Live Auction items. And, we’re making it easy for you to participate. You can either join us from 2-6pm at the YFT campus on Linton Hall Rd. or you can place bids through your telephone or even through absentee bidding. You can also just fill out the pledge card or send a donation of your choice. Either way, your participation is very important to our addressing this $300,000 shortfall created by Hurricane Joaquin.

I intend to meet this challenge and I hope you will join me in doing so.

Thank you, 

Joe Gibbs