Fund for the Unfunded

Fund for the Unfunded

Please consider a tax-deductible year-end gift to Youth For Tomorrow's Fund for the Unfunded today.

Youth For Tomorrow's Fund For The Unfunded provides the opportunity to serve children in crisis who are placed in our care without public or private funding and need our program services. At any given time, we are providing care to 85 - 110 children for whom no outside funds are available. They are our "unfunded" children - they are desperate - in crisis - and need our help.

Specifically, these children are:

  • Victims of sex trafficking from around the country;   
  • Privately placed boys and girls from families living below the poverty line, whose behavior was so incorrigible that their parents/grandparents pleaded with us to help;
  • Local children in our Behavioral Health programs from impoverished families.

These are boys and girls who come to YFT:

  • As a result of being homeless or from a failed foster care experience;
  • Whose parent(s) abused them, abandoned them by default or imprisonment;
  • Because a grandmother’s plea to “save my granddaughter -- and me;”
  • When a FBI agent exclaims, “I have a young girl who is a victim of sex trafficking; she needs your help – and so do I;”
    • As pregnant teenager, abandoned by her mother but doesn’t qualify for public assistance, comes with a “friend” who pleads, “She has no one else to help, except me – and you;”
    • From impoverished families within our local community and served by our Behavioral Health programs

The following are just a few examples of your previous gifts at work through our “FUND FOR THE UNFUNDED”:

Two young teenage girls from local communities, came to us with severe trauma from being sex-trafficked. Once accepted at YFT, both experienced tremendous growth and healing. One of the girls is living with a childless husband and wife, YFT donors, who have become her “mother and father.”  She graduated this past June from our nationally accredited secondary school and is working at a job in the local community and simultaneously successfully completed her first semester in college -- on a YFT scholarship. The second girl,  a victim of  sex-trafficking at age 15, from Fairfax County — came with no funding which is normal with sex trafficked victims – but was determined to “change my life forever.” So far, she has and we believe she will – with the help of YFT’s Aftercare program.

A young man, turned 18 while in residence, entered YFT from a family in crisis – father in jail -- and mother on drugs to whom he was physically abusive, truant from school and headed to incarceration. Mother could only pay $100 a month. He graduated from our school and went directly into the work force with an electrical company. He has reunited with his mother.

These pleas from children and/or their families, from social workers and probation officers -- just keep coming. They are children who represent desperate circumstances but for whom, all too frequently, there are no public funds available.  Only through donations from the community -- private citizens, corporations, foundations or churches – is YFT able to continue providing the necessary services to these desperate girls and boys. 

Being able to provide children like these a safe and nurturing home, education and therapy, along with dramatically changing the direction of their lives is what we do. How can we turn even one of them away? 

We have only two choices:

  • Accept them without funding, or
  • Deny them admission and let them continue to self-destruct – largely through no fault of their own.

Our Founder, Joe Gibbs, reminds us of our founding principle – to serve God’s children who are at-risk, whether they have funds or not. We do!  

This year our "scholarships" to serve these children have increased to $509,000! Through generous support from our donors this year we have received $296,000 in donations generated at our special event fundraisers to help offset our costs for these children. Therefore, our shortfall as of today is $213,000.  We are committed to raising the remainder before the end of the year. Any assistance you, our donors, are able to provide, will be graciously received and applied directly to the services we provide these children.

Should you desire to provide support for these boys and girls through an end of year gift in response to our time-sensitive appeal, we ask you to send your donation to the:


Friends, this is a real need.  These are practically all local children. All in crisis. All depending upon you and other YFT donors to keep them in our beds, under our daily watch and care, and under the Lord’s protection and grace.


Gary L Jones, Ph.D.
Chief Executive Officer