Ethical Principles

Youth For Tomorrow provides residential, educational and behavioral health services to children and families entrusted to our programs by parents, guardians and referring agencies. Our mission is to provide children and families with the opportunity to focus their lives and develop the confidence, skills, intellectual ability, spiritual insight and moral integrity, based on Godly principles, resulting in positive changes to the benefit of the child, the family, the community, and the nation. The objective of our residential, therapeutic and educational programs is to provide excellent treatment for program participants; treatment that is rooted in good-hearted concern for their well-being and growth; respect for them as human beings; and sensitivity to their individual needs and integrity.
Therefore, Youth For Tomorrow strives to:
1.    Practice Godly - principals in which YFT Leadership and staff seek God's council prior to making decision and provide treatment.  
2.    Be conscious of, and responsive to, the dignity, welfare, and worth of our program participants.
3.    Respect the privacy, confidentiality, and autonomy of program participants within the context of our facilities and programs.
4.    Be aware and respectful of cultural, familial, and societal backgrounds of our program participants.
5.    Take reasonable steps to ensure a safe environment that addresses the emotional, spiritual, educational, and physical needs of our program participants.
6.    Maintain high standards of competence in our areas of expertise and to be mindful of our limitations.
7.    Value continuous professional development, research, and scholarship.
8.    Place primary emphasis on the welfare of our program participants in the development and implementation of our business practices.
9.    Manage our finances to ensure there are adequate resources to accomplish our mission.
10.    Fully disclose to prospective candidates the nature of services, benefits, risks, and costs.
11.    Provide informed, professional referrals when appropriate or if we are unable to continue service.