Capital Campaign

A 36,700 square foot Family Behavioral Health and Administration Center is planned for tFamily Behavioral Health Buildinghe YFT Campus. This facility will allow for improved efficiencies in organizational management, supervision of the professional staff and coordination of the multidimensional programs. Based upon our experiences and community surveys, there is an exponential growth anticipated within these programs over the next several years. Space will be allocated for private offices for children and families to meet with an expanded team of psychiatrists and therapists. Dedicated rooms will be available for group therapy, play therapy and observation facilities.

From a business and a service capacity perspective, the facility, also, will allow for the formation of anew program to address another “service gap” in the community and simultaneously further the continuum of services while diversifying YFT’s funding sources -- dedicated beds for crisis stabilization. This facility will provide for the inclusion of a health clinic which will expand our nursing and medical services to our children on campus.

In addition to space specifically designed for expanded Behavioral Health Services, this new facility will allow eight classrooms in the school to again be utilized for educational purposes. These classrooms were converted several years ago to accommodate office space for counselors, case managers, therapists, and the staffs of fundraising, finance, budget, human resources staff and nurses’ offices, campus operations and executive offices. The space designed for these administrative units in the new facility will allow them to operate more efficiently and for the school classrooms to be returned to their original purpose. Temporarily, YFT is resorting to modular classrooms to accommodate our growth.

Student demographicsAt the Board meeting on September 11, 2014 the Board President Susan LaPierre spoke of the vulnerability to emotional and psychological distress and hopelessness inherent in many circumstances within children’s lives – regardless of age – and their families – regardless of the familial relationship. Mental illness can affect anyone at any age, with any issue and at any time. It doesn’t discriminate by age, race, gender or income. Parents see their child’s struggle. They anguish with their child’s inability to recapture the innocence of youth. Nevertheless, Scripture teaches us that the TRUTH SHALL PREVAIL. Indeed it is particularly important for us to teach this Biblical precept to all our children and families that the Lord is the ultimate healer. His Word is TRUTH. He is paramount in all things. He is our salvation. Regardless of our afflictions His TRUTH WILL PREVAIL. It is to this precept we commit our services to our children – and to ourselves.


Many schools treat the arts as a separate room for an exceptional few. Or simply recreation. Or more often, a budget cut. Those children are missing an infusion of heart, of soul. The arts are essential, like reading, writing and arithmetic.

Albert Einstein said, “Logic will get you from A to B.  Imagination will take you everywhere.” Learning to create and appreciate visual and aural aesthetics is not a ‘frill,’ it unlocks a rich future. Extensive research shows it’s the start of a more powerful lexicon and better decision making, the start of improved academics through cultural awareness.

It’s the Start of something BIG.

You can help our most challenged kids further defy
impossible odds.

Youth For Tomorrow is inviting you to help plant a seed.


Playing guitarAt 18,500-sq. feet, the Jodi McQueen Therapeutic Music & Arts Center will include a 300 seat performing arts center; state-of-the-art music and art therapy rooms; graphic art spaces; art, music and dance studios, with group rehearsal workshop spaces; a recording studio; two exhibit halls and an auditorium with performing stage. Serving 2,500 students annually, programming will run the gamut—from individual sessions, group classes to creative workshop venues.

 If you would like to learn about available sponsorship opportunities and help build a state-of-the-art safe haven for those in need, please contact Dr. Gary Jones, CEO Youth For Tomorrow, at 703-396-7202. 

“To transform the life of a depressed, angry and defiant teenagers who have been drawn to self-destruction by bullying peers, neglectful parents, abuse of drugs or school truancy, we have to learn what motivates them into new behaviors and simultaneously teach them to value their own lives, create within them a desire to succeed day to day. These life-style changes put a sparkle in their eyes and a smile on their faces. We have found the best formula for such challenges – actively engaging them in the music and the performing arts.” Dr. Gary L. Jones, CEO