Burgundy & Gold Banquet

31st Annual Burgundy & Gold Banquet

March 25, 2020

Dear Friends and Donors of Youth For Tomorrow,

Aside from the Lord’s pervasive and faithful grace and protection of the Youth For Tomorrow’s spiritual mission, private philanthropy has been the foremost reason we have served several thousand troubled, homeless, lost and traumatically abused teenagers for 33 years. Private donors have been our lifeline in for all of those years.

Today we are challenged as never before in our distinguished history of saving lives and bringing souls to a lifetime fulfillment though Christ. The UNPRECEDENTED challenge we face as a result of the coronavirus PANDEMIC has presented YFT with an UNPRECEDENTED action – to CANCEL the BURGUNDY & GOLD BANQUET that had been scheduled on May 14.

Cancelling the Burgundy & Gold Banquet was a difficult decision. But we did so given the current conditions and out of an abundance of caution for the health and safety of our leaders, volunteers, donors and friends. We are following the guidelines expressed by the President of the United States, the Governor of Virginia, the Center for Disease Control and local officials.

As you can understand, our chief priority and responsibility is to keep our campus secure rom the ravages of the virus threatening our 135 young children in residence and the 200 professional and devoted staff members who will provide continuing around the clock parenting, clinical and educational services to ensure all their needs are met.

New challenges bring new opportunities to harness the energy and the faithfully steadfast commitment of our donors while simultaneously achieving our vital fundraising goals.
With this letter, we are calling upon each of you to be a part of this “clarion call” to meet the budgetary requirements previously raised by the annual Burgundy & Gold Banquet for which we have already raised over $550,000. Through this SPECIAL APPEAL we are boldly asking for the typical amount raised at the Banquet – $1M.

Congress recently passed the CARES Act which favorably changes the limit of cash charitable contribution deductions to 100% for those who itemize deductions on their tax return, temporarily suspending the 60% limitation on Adjusted Gross Income for 2020.  For those of you who take the Standard Deduction, you are still be able to deduct up to $300.  Check with your Tax Advisor as these changes may be highly beneficial to you.  

Finally, since the Burgundy & Gold event will not be held this year, we are asking that you allow us to apply your contribution to this “special appeal” as a general donation without restriction to the event.  Your acknowledgment with your donation will be appreciated. 

As is consistent with our history, when there is formidable challenge before us, our philanthropic leaders, step forward – and are doing so again. Already we have commitments – some at higher levels than donated last year: Peterson Companies, Taylor Chess, The Cecil Pruitt Corporations, Bob Wiser Charitable Trust, NV Commercial, tthe Hazel Family Trust, Joe & Pat Gibbs, Interstate Batteries, Sue Barbour, Eberle Communications, M&T Bank, Great American Restaurants and Jim Duszynski.

Despite the uncertainty in which we find ourselves, the Lord keeps us strong and courageous because He is sending, and working through, good friends and servant leaders like you. Thank you for keeping Youth For Tomorrow, our children and staff in your prayers during these difficult times.

Thank you for your generous support of our mission, and especially for rising to the occasion now to help us keep the children in our care safe and protected. And, thank you for opening your hearts and minds to new ways of achieving our goals during these unusual times. Youth For Tomorrow is able to keep the lights on, our children safe and fed, and our mission sustained because of friends like you.

God’s blessings to you. May He continue to keep you – and your family – safe in the Palm of His hand.


Gary L. Jones, Ph.D., CEO
Psalm 91

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Love Jones, VP Community Relations and Special Events for YFT  703-396-8415  LJones@yftva.com 

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More Information:

Youth For Tomorrow was founded by former Redskins Head Coach Joe Gibbs in 1986. His vision was to provide area teenage boys and girls who were experiencing traumatic circumstances with their families, many times abuse and neglect, a place to call home. While most youth are experiencing a life of hope and promise, our children have had frequent failures with family, school and peers -- in addition to unimaginable personal tragedies. 

"I believe there is nothing more important in life than what we leave behind in terms of how we have helped others.  Years from now no one wil remember who had a great season or who won the Super Bowl.  That's why Youth For Tomorrow is so important.  For each child that we help, we start a chain of good results because he or she will influence his or her own spouse and children and others around them.  And they will pass along what they have learned to others.  What will last in this world is what kind of influence we had on others and making a difference in the life of a child."  Coach Joe Gibbs





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