2023 Bid Appeal

Help Heal Our Community's Children & Families

Your gift to our 2023 Bid Appeal helps Youth For Tomorrow address our nation's growing mental health crisis—starting right here in our community



A 24-year-old married woman with a young child found herself in the midst of an unexpected and devastating family crisis. She was hopeless, out of options and could barely pay rent, much less other necessities. Her pain was so deep, she contemplated suicide.

A 57-year Army veteran who was a decorated combat hero is so wrought by PTSD that he can hardly get out of bed in the morning. His family begged him to get help, but he just wanted to "end it all."

A 15-year-old survivor of sexual abuse began drinking and taking drugs to cope with the pain of what she experienced. But now that substance use is affecting her daily life. 

Stories like these are unfolding around us every day, in our neighbors' homes, in our schools and to the people we know. America is in the grip of a staggering mental health crisis—one that doesn't disciminate on age, economic  group or background. 

Youth For Tomorrow is committed to being part of the solution—not only for youth, but for every member of the family struggling with anxiety, depression, suicidal ideation, substance abuse, addiction, and more. 

It's why we've expanded our reach into six existing regional outpatient behavioral health offices across Northern Virginia.

It's why we have trained professionals working side-by-side with students with behavioral issues in classrooms throughout Prince William Fairfax, Loudoun County and Alexandria schools, helping them develop coping skills and strategies to help them find success at school. 

It's why we have significantly invested in the new Pruitt Center for Behavioral Health, opening very soon on our Bristow Campus, a vital community center for expanded behavioral health services. 

We are proud of what we have done, and there is so very much more to do and countless other children and adults in crisis who need help.

And we cannot do this without generous friends like you. 

Your gift today will help ensure that Youth For Tomorrow never has to turn away a child, adult or family in desperate need of behavioral health and counseling services simply because they cannot pay for it. We are one of the few that accepts all forms of insurance, including Medicaid, and that has a scholarship program for families who cannot pay for services. 

Your gift will help us hire more exceptional mental health counselors and therapists, and grow our reach into the community, so that we can help even more people in need. 

Your gift will help us provide more counseling sessions, reach more people and improve the quality of life for all who live and work alongside us in our community.