Thanksgiving Food Drive - YOU Made a Difference!

November 22, 2017

The Thanksgiving meals have all been delivered, and we are truly grateful to each of you who made it possible for us to say, YES, to so many families in need.

In fact, we were packing boxes and making additional deliveries to local schools all day Tuesday. The need is great! As we arrived at schools, parents were waiting to pick up boxes and were so thankful for the assistance.

All of the families receiving these meals live right here in Prince William and Fairfax Counties. Each family received a large box packed full with groceries and a $20 grocery store gift card to buy fresh items like milk and a turkey.

When our CEO, Dr. Gary Jones, gave us this challenge of helping to feed 1,000 families in our community, we didn't think in just two years we might exceed his challenge. But, it could very well happen this Christmas. We focused our efforts on the children and families we serve in our 16 multi-dimensional programs including residential, behavioral health and within the Prince William and Fairfax County Schools. As our programs have grown to encompass the dire needs in the community, our outreach has grown, too.

Here are some comments from the Principals, Counselors and YFT Staff in Prince William and Fairfax County Schools that received assistance.

"The relief that swept across the faces of some who received Thanksgiving Food Baskets was telling of their hardships. I've never been thanked or hugged more than these last two days of giving out the Food Baskets. We are doing God's work as we serve the community! I appreciate and am ever humbled by be opportunity to serve our community."

A single mother of 6 cried as I helped her load the box into her car! She said "My hours got cut at work. I wasn't sure how I was going to afford Thanksgiving. Thank you so much!"

Several parents cried as they received their food baskets. Many explained their personal hardships and expressed their thankfulness.

"My mom just passed last week and I had no idea how I was going to do thanksgiving dinner for my brothers and sisters. Now I have everything, and I can get us a turkey"

The principal and staff at New Directions Alternative Education Center express their appreciation for providing Thanksgiving meals for over 50 students and families in need! At Pace West over 25 families in need were served! Thank you!! Ms. Evans

"Thank you so very much for your continued partnership with our school. Your organization is truly a blessing, beyond measure. May all the good you do come back to YFT tenfold! Blessings during this upcoming holiday season!"

"We sincerely appreciate your organization helping assist our families during the holiday season. I know our families are incredibly grateful as well."

"Thank you so much for helping our families out for the Holidays."

Our Christmas outreach begins next week. Online donations, Angel trees will be in company offices and Christmas gifts can be purchased online. Please visit our website or call for additional information.